Steve Jobs

By Derrick Dot El

Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple and Pixar passed away Wednesday Oct. 5, 2011. Most notably seen as the face of Apple, Jobs was the inspiration behind the resurgence of Apple following the release of the 1st generation iPod. During Jobs' active role as CEO, he remained heavily involved in the creation of Apples' most desired products. Jobs leaves behind his wife of 20 years Laurene, and four children. A true innovator, a legend, and a man who altered the technology field, Steve Jobs dead at 56.

Apples' been a staple of my educational experience as a child to my present day life. I can recall checking off random answers while playing Oregon Trail in the hopes of playing games minus the education. In high school I spent my time on a Macintosh writing news articles while inventing horoscope/lucky numbers for my school's newspaper.

I'm currently a programmer studying specifically under the .NET framework, and using Php/MySQL at work. Over the course of the last two weeks I've had the urge to study Objective-C more in-depth and transitioning towards the Mac environment. After hearing of Jobs' passing I feel an even greater urge to transition expeditiously.

  Its quite funny from time to time I'd make sly comments regarding Apple products to coworkers using MacBooks. but in the same breath smile and say, "just playin' I have a MacBook and iMac at the house, MACs are dope!" I love computers in general and have no true preference, but hands down Apple under Jobs' leadership changed the game dramatically. Everybody else just imitated, R.I.P. Steve Jobs!