Return of the Snapback!

by Derrick Dot El

When I was younger no one I knew referred to the hats we wore as snapbacks. We had our favorite teams yet we were more in tune with following the latest fashion trends, than devoting ourselves to only our team merchandise. It seems as if it were yesterday, hat turned backwards at an angle with the tags still attached.

The 90's were the era of the snapback and during that time the only recognizable fitted cap was made by Cooperstown. Back then there was only one snapback that demanded attention, and the rest were just copycats you could purchase from Pic-N-Save (now Big Lots). What snapback? The Starter snapback is by far the king of snapbacks. All the cool designs and prints you see on current day snapbacks are merely producing Starter gear without the Starter logo.
It wasn't until the late 90's that fitted caps began to gain momentum, pushing snapbacks to the side and taking that top tier position until now. Its sad to say, the once king of sports gear can now be found on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart. Did the rise of companies like New Era drive Starter onto Wal-Mart shelves? The answer, kinda! A lot of merchandise made by Starter now seems low end and no where near the quality they once were during the 90's.

Note to the wise, if you decide to follow the current trend and are in the process of purchasing a real snapback. A Starter snapback is by far the epitome of what the snapback is. Its no different than a kid wearing fake Ray-Ban frames with no lenses to look cool. Whats the point in making a fashion statement if you took a shortcut to purchase the fake. Be true to yourself and get the real sh**, and stop frontin'!