Facebook Privacy Issues!

If you have a Facebook account then your aware of the spam and multiple fake profiles used to disperse viruses/corner you into a scam. Theres growing concern amongst users that Facebook is doing little to prevent these thing from happening. I for 1 would totally agree w/ you except for the fact that we as users are entitled to stop using the social network if we so choose.

Facebook doesn't charge its users a fee for creating an account, but instead makes their money from advertising. The easiest way for FB to advertise is to convince your average user to create a new profile and just tell everyone a little information about yourself. What movies you like, books you read, shows you watch religiously and what interests you have. FB in turn uses that information you posted on your profile and posts ads usually located on the side bar to the right, the ones they feel best suit your assumed likes.

But heres where it gets shaky, apparently a handful of employees were secretly (Yeah Right) selling your personal information to companies which resulted in a handful of firings. As I'm sure your aware, FB does repeated upgrades and from their account "unintentionally" change settings that otherwise would prevent strangers from even finding you on FB. My advice to you, if your concerned then you need to deactivate your account. Read between the lines folks, those lines being the ones you skipped through when you accepted to abide by the rules. You do have a say so! Lateeeee!


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