Black Friday.... What's the Deal?

Folks waitin' for sh** close to free

Black Friday anyone? I'm at the crib posted, watchin' Resident Evil: Afterlife (Afterlife is by far better than the last 3 combined) while my fellow citizens act like they've never seen a sale before. Seems like during Thanksgiving Black Friday it becomes more hectic as the years pass by. Although the lines are long you have to admit that there are more stores than people, so I'm sure everybody will find something on their list they wanted. Below I posted a cool sale I ran across... Although I'm a PC I can't help notice Duo Core Intel iMac running for under a G. Have a cool Thanksgiving weekend playa!

Apple iMac Aluminum Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz 1GB 250GB DVD±RW Radeon HD     2400 20" AirPort OS X w/Webcam & Bluetooth