The M#th@f#ckin' Ouya: The Future of Gaming!

by Derrick Dot El

        Gamers and developers alike are flocking towards the future of gaming as we know it; the Ouya, an open-source Android-based gaming console! The Ouya was developed to bring gamers back to the television market; which has been decreasing with the growing popularity of PC games, and mobile devices.
        Consumers can all agree that the gaming industry is controlled by a select few. Also, the price of current gaming consoles, rise with each new release of a updated revised version of its predecessor (example PlayStation 1/2/3). The anticipation of the Ouya itself has generated enough noise, encouraging everyday people to pledge (monetary donation) their support.
        As shown in the image below, users have generously displayed their support for the new kid on the block. Developers are encouraged to root Ouya, and doing so will not void it's warranty. The Ouya console incorporates a Tegra3 quad-core processor, GB of RAM (random access memory), 8GB of flash storage, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connection, Bluetooth LE 4.0, HDMI connection (1080p), and 1 2.0 USB port.

the Ouya has generated upwards of $2.2M in pledges

        In theory, it seems if Ouya were to perform quite well upon release, they should definitely keep the current formula which looks as if it will explode into something untapped. I foresee the pledge idea as a way of sustaining a low price for the Ouya in the future as well. I think it would be vital to its existence, and will ultimately make consumers feel directly connected to its development.
        In exchange for pledges, users are provided the following privileges based solely on the value of their pledge (listed below).

        Pledge Reward(s):
            $10+ Pledge - Reserve Username before launch
            $25+ Pledge - Reserve Username w/ Founder Emblem alongside it
            $95+ Pledge - Ouya console w/ controller
            (additional $20 for international shipments and $30 for 2nd controller)
            $99+ Pledge - Ouya console w/ controller before launch
            (additional $20 for international shipments and $30 fro 2nd controller)
            $225+ Pledge *Kickstarter Exclusive -
                                 Ouya console w/ 2 controllers
                                 Reserve Username w/ Founder Emblem alongside it
                                 Username etched into console
            (additional $20 for international shipments)
            $699+ Pledge *Developer Special -
                                 A First-Run Ouya (Rooted)
                                 Early SDK Access
                                 Extra Controller
                                 Developer Game Promotion (One Year)
                                 Founder Emblem alongside developed games
            $1337+ Pledge *Elite Developer Special -
                                 Developer Special ($699 Pledge Amenities)
                                 Email (equivalent to Ouya hotline)
                                     **email allows direct contact/handling w/ Ouya team.
                                 Los Angeles Ouya Launch Party Invite for 2
                                 Gift bag (contents secret)
            $5000+ Pledge *Designer's Designer -
                                 Day in San Francisco w/ Yves Behar
                                     **spend day w/ Yves & team discussing development
                                     **receiving Ouya as soon as manufactured
            $10,000+ Pledge *Angel List -
                                 First Production Run of Consoles
                                     **engraved w/ username & backer number
                                     **receive first run console
                                 Private Dinner before Launch Party
                                     **invitation for 2 w/ developers
        Don't just sit there, support the cause and make the gaming industry conform to you, the user! F#ck a CLU!

Online Shopping

Shopping online has become a cash cow for numerous companies seeking to make an extra dollar from customers. More and more companies are seemingly focusing more time on their respective sites looking for new ways to entice customers into swiping their cards. If your not into fighting lines, rude employees/customers or nagging sales reps, than I'm more than positive you have made the transition to window shopping online.

Mega sites like have hogged the spotlight for a long time, so I've decided to post 4 sites I've personally used for clothing.

Steve Jobs

By Derrick Dot El

Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple and Pixar passed away Wednesday Oct. 5, 2011. Most notably seen as the face of Apple, Jobs was the inspiration behind the resurgence of Apple following the release of the 1st generation iPod. During Jobs' active role as CEO, he remained heavily involved in the creation of Apples' most desired products. Jobs leaves behind his wife of 20 years Laurene, and four children. A true innovator, a legend, and a man who altered the technology field, Steve Jobs dead at 56.

Apples' been a staple of my educational experience as a child to my present day life. I can recall checking off random answers while playing Oregon Trail in the hopes of playing games minus the education. In high school I spent my time on a Macintosh writing news articles while inventing horoscope/lucky numbers for my school's newspaper.

I'm currently a programmer studying specifically under the .NET framework, and using Php/MySQL at work. Over the course of the last two weeks I've had the urge to study Objective-C more in-depth and transitioning towards the Mac environment. After hearing of Jobs' passing I feel an even greater urge to transition expeditiously.

  Its quite funny from time to time I'd make sly comments regarding Apple products to coworkers using MacBooks. but in the same breath smile and say, "just playin' I have a MacBook and iMac at the house, MACs are dope!" I love computers in general and have no true preference, but hands down Apple under Jobs' leadership changed the game dramatically. Everybody else just imitated, R.I.P. Steve Jobs!

Return of the Snapback!

by Derrick Dot El

When I was younger no one I knew referred to the hats we wore as snapbacks. We had our favorite teams yet we were more in tune with following the latest fashion trends, than devoting ourselves to only our team merchandise. It seems as if it were yesterday, hat turned backwards at an angle with the tags still attached.

The 90's were the era of the snapback and during that time the only recognizable fitted cap was made by Cooperstown. Back then there was only one snapback that demanded attention, and the rest were just copycats you could purchase from Pic-N-Save (now Big Lots). What snapback? The Starter snapback is by far the king of snapbacks. All the cool designs and prints you see on current day snapbacks are merely producing Starter gear without the Starter logo.
It wasn't until the late 90's that fitted caps began to gain momentum, pushing snapbacks to the side and taking that top tier position until now. Its sad to say, the once king of sports gear can now be found on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart. Did the rise of companies like New Era drive Starter onto Wal-Mart shelves? The answer, kinda! A lot of merchandise made by Starter now seems low end and no where near the quality they once were during the 90's.

Note to the wise, if you decide to follow the current trend and are in the process of purchasing a real snapback. A Starter snapback is by far the epitome of what the snapback is. Its no different than a kid wearing fake Ray-Ban frames with no lenses to look cool. Whats the point in making a fashion statement if you took a shortcut to purchase the fake. Be true to yourself and get the real sh**, and stop frontin'! 

Serius Jones - Serius Bizness

 Album Tracklisting:
  1. Mr. Jones (Intro)
  2. J-One-S
  3. Nature
  4. Good Guy
  5. Forcin' My Hand
  6. I Smell a Rat (Remix)
  7. Work
  8. Bars
  9. Man vs. Machine
10. Revolution (Remix)
11. Back to the Gutta
12. Lafayette
13. Do You Believe
14. Smoke
15. Nothing but a Me Thing
16. Here Tho
17. Day in the Life (Part 3)

Download Link:

Serius Jones - Why So Serius?

Album Tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Good
  3. Aint It True?
  4. Gotta Get It
  5. Jersey
  6. The Hawk
  7. Invincible
  8. Keep It Funky
  9. Phantoms
10. Greatest
11. Listen To Myself
12. Go Multi
13. Hardbody
14. The Soundtape
15. Gimme That Love

Download Link:

Cadalack Ron - Bloody Rare

Download Link:

Dirtbag Dan - The Dirtbag Dan Mixtape

Album Tracklisting:

  1. Andy's First Call
  2. Foolish Girl
  3. Money
  4. Andy's Second Call
  5. DBDMashUp
  6. Devil Do
  7. Do Sumthin'
  8. Get A Job
  9. Goons Go Get Ya
10. S.O.D.
11. South Beach Samba
12. Theres An End Remix

Download Link: